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Industries in MughalsaraiThe Municipal Board Mughalsarai is amidst many popular industrial centres like the Chandasi coal market and Ram Nagar Industrial Area. The Chandasi coal market is one of the biggest coal markets in India which is sited just 2 km away from Mughalsarai.

The Ram Nagar Industrial area was established in 1978 and it homes many industrial units like sponge iron plants, cement industry, agro-based industry and many other industries which all provide huge employment opportunity for the people in and around Mughalsarai. Both Chandasi coal market and Ram Nagar Industrial area are located on the NH2.

The Ram Nagar Industrial area has more than 150 industrial units but the area suffers a setback due to lack of electricity and good infrastructure. Many units have already closed since the area receives fragmented electricity for only 10 to 12 hours a day. The other facilities within Ram Nagar Industrial area are 33/11 KVA electric power sub station, shops, transport facility, telephone exchange, post office, banks and many more.

Industries in Mughalsarai

The Shree Hanuman Industries in Mughalsarai is one of the popular industries in the city established in 1978 which deals with railway products. The industry has both manufacturing and supplying units. The railways products manufactured and supplied by the Shree Hanuman Industries are dot items and grade castings, pulley, pipe fittings, railway track materials, genset flywheel, chakki plate, centrifugal water pump and hand pump.

Shree Hanuman Industries: Opium Building, G.T. Road, Mughalsarai, Uttar Pradesh -232101
Phone no.:05412-255986, 9450871481

The Wide range Traders are another popular mineral suppliers of the city who deals with products like candles, biscuits, cotton rags, agarbatties and many other products.

Wide range Traders: Manohar Nagar Colony, Satpokhri, Dulhipur, Chandauli, Mughalsarai-232101
Phone no.: 9984385138, 0 5412-329232

The Ravindra Infratech Limited is a very popular real estate firm which operates in many cities of Uttar Pradesh like Mughalsarai, Chandauli and Varanasi. It was established in 2012 in Chandauli. They deal with buying and selling of properties, leasing properties, rental place for commercial, industrial and residential purpose.

Ravindra Infratech Limited: Chakiya, Mughalsarai, Uttar Pradesh -232101
Phone no.: 8756000791

The AGM Solution in Mughalsarai is a popular Software business centre which does business in website development, software development, testing, web advertisement, web hosting, online courses and details on government bodies, e-books, many details on software products and technology, online advertisement, business improvement solutions and many more. The head office of AGM is located in East Mumbai whereas the corporate office of AGM is functioning in Mughalsarai. The company also gives information about cyber crime, hacking and online advertisement.

AGM Solution: Western Bazar, Mughalsarai, Uttar Pradesh -232101
Phone no.: 9889591313

All these business centres in the city offer many job openings for the locals in the city. Here is the detailed list of business centres in Mughalsarai city.

BP-164, Ravinagar
Patel Nagar
Mughalsarai, Uttar Pradesh -232101
Phone no.: 9935261279

Ambey Coal Traders
Mughalsarai - Chahniya Rd
Mughalsarai, Uttar Pradesh -232101
Phone no.: 9621013898

Mughalsarai Rly. Settlement
Mughalsarai, Uttar Pradesh -232101

Khalsa Electostate
NH 2, LBS Katra
Mughalsarai Rly. Settlement
Mughalsarai, Uttar Pradesh -232101
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