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Mughalsarai offers an experience that is equally correct and unique! There are numerous perfect places to visit around this great town, with noticeable area points of tourist attractions and excellent restaurants being simply a couple of illustrations.

a beautiful place in Mughalsarai

Make a trip to Mughalsarai and its energizing places of enthusiasm to pleasure in an outstanding vacation. A stop by at Mughalsarai Railway Station will provide you even more remarkable knowledge of various societies and events of Mughalsarai.

Brief History of Mughalsarai

An alternate attractive history, which captivates are the station of Mughalsarai and its township. During medieval period people used traverse through East/South-East India towards North India through Grand Trunk Road fabricated by Afghan ruler Sher Shah Suri. The road remained in use even during the Mughal peroid and ran from Decca (now Dhaka) to Peshawar, through Calcutta-Mirzapur-Cawnpore-Delhi-Ambala-Amritsar-Lahore. The road was a main course for transportation as majority as caravans used to stop at a particular place between Chanduali Majwr and Jeonathpur.  It is a place additionally having quick entry towards Varanasi in Vyasnagar Path, used as an Inn (Sarai as in Hindi) for overnight stay by these convoys. In this manner, the people named the place as Mughalsarai.

Then amid British Raj India, the first train line installed from Howrah to Delhi Jn (old Delhi) was through Hooghly - Sahibganj - Gaya – Mughalsarai - Cawnpore. Later, Mughalsarai station changed into a Junction. Now Patna, Ranchi, Daltonganj and Dhanbad Area joined with it throughout the entire years. Nowadays, Mughalsarai Jn provides maximum number of Rajdhani and Duronto trains in India.

Geography of Mughalsarai

It is a perfect traveller place. Its area guidelines are 25° 18'0" North, 83° 7'0" East. Torrential downpours and high stickiness go hand-in-hand with the rainstorm that typically come on late June or early July for around two months. Then again, winters are charming. In Mughalsarai, the climatic conditions are most favourable for the visitors between October to April. For the individuals who are prepared to face a sun, Mughalsarai is a spot to visit all the year round.

Tourism in Mughalsarai

No one is a stranger to the notoriety of sacred areas in Mughalsarai. These incredible areas in Mughalsarai motion bundles of pure visitors other than the ones with devout learnings. Indeed, the religious areas here remain probably the most prominent ones to see in Mughalsarai. Therefore, when you set out to examine the utmost useful places to see in Mughalsarai, confirm that the spiritual places of Mughalsarai are in your list.

The greatly overwhelming feeling of the religious places in Mughalsarai is at the temples. Nag Nathaiya is, however, an alternate essential celebration. The Vyas Temple is spotted in Shahpuri area of Mughalsarai township of Chandauli district, U.P. at a separation of around 18 km from Varanasi Railway Station. Mahashivratri and Shravan month are exceptional functions when number of supporters expands.

How to Reach Mughalsarai

The state-run bus service from Mughalsarai to other nearby urban areas viz. Varanasi, Gaya, Allahabad, Mirzapur and Patna. The city is similarly connected with major urban communities through the railways, and being an intersection Mughalsarai associate rail lines originating from Allahabad and Varanasi districts in the west to Gaya and Patna areas in the east. Mughalsarai is effortlessly open from all parts of the nation. Exceptionally connected by street and track.

Road distance from Mughalsarai to Varanasi is 20 km (12.00 miles). For redoing your travel venture, you should seriously mull around including some stop over focuses or including some night stops. The aggregate travel time is more or less 0 hour(s) 19 min(s); which differ depending on the conditions.

Quick Facts about Mughalsarai

Government in Mughalsarai - Chairman Rekha Jaiswal
Area - 14.43 km sq. Km
Elevation – 65 m (213 ft.)
Population as per the 2011 census - 154,692
Density - 7,598.8 inh. /km²
Time Zone – IST
Postal Index Number – 232101
STD code – 5412
Official languages - Hindi
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